Grace and Mercy are Mine

As told by John Barros:

You know some days you can just smell death down here. Thursdays are the most disgusting because it is much more visual. The late termers from yesterday returned and completed their abortions. So thankful to serve with Karen and Donna.

The only thing that was hopeful at all was a girl that came as a walk in. She left and took our information but she made no indication that she was choosing life.

Spent a lot of time in prayer here. Abortion has to end. It is such a horrible wickedness. If you haven’t been to an abortion mill, please go. You need to taste, smell, hear, and see this for yourself. I am going to be posting more videos to my YouTube channel GraceAndMercyAreMine in the near future. If you haven’t visited, then be my guest. Maybe they could help you in some way.