Great Darkness, Greater Light

As told by John Barros:

It’s always dark and light down here. Today there was great darkness and greater light.
Something happens when the depravity of man joins together with the forces of darkness. People say and do things I don’t believe they would say or do anywhere else.

As the people lined up this morning to go in I asked if they had seen the news with the video of the lady from Planned Parenthood speaking about selling babies’ organs. They just laughed and mocked me and Bill, making jokes about their own children being taken apart. All this while late term moms are marching around out back in labor getting their knees up and bending over doing pelvic thrusts trying to hurry the delivery of their babies into a toilet. I have always wondered what Stephen King would think if he came down here on a Thursday. I don’t believe he has ever dreamed of horror like this. Thankfully though, we had one couple choose life and one turn-away.

In the middle of all this darkness the Lord works. As I was preaching I noticed someone coming down the sidewalk toward me. I turned to look and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The Lord brought the man who first brought me here all those years ago. When we first came to Florida, Jim Fitzgerald was our first pastor. He brought me down here one early Saturday morning and my life has never been the same. It was so awesome to serve with him here again. He is such a dear brother. I hope you can all meet him someday.


The Lord is always full of blessings and surprises, especially in the darkness. I also received a message from Antonio, the young man with Mykalla from yesterday. He called to say thanks. Thank you all for praying that the Lord would affirm their decision. They live in Pensacola but Antonio wanted to make sure I would still take them to pizza. 🙂 I told him yesterday that if they chose life and went to the crisis pregnancy center I would take them to pizza. I can’t wait until he comes back down.

I don’t deserve this. Thank you for your prayers. They are vital.