Grueling Day

As told by John Barros:

Well today was grueling. It started out with dear Beth Goble. It was packed with people. It’s kind of strange but you hear the same lame old vileness, threats, and nonsense arguments everyday. It’s almost as if it’s the same people day in and day out with different clothes on.

Beth had to leave and then Edwin Botero, Andrea Caraballo, and the crew came to pray. Esteban De Leon came as well and I believe had about a year of growth in his walk in one day. There were so many conversations, so many opportunities to share the.Gospel with so many very hard and lost people.

The word went forth and did what it does: some were hardened and some were softened. One coward began threatening all kinds of things because his lady ran out in tears saying she didn’t want to do it. He pressured her back inside.


There were two rays of light though today. A young lady named Amber came today but left and went to Choices. I don’t know how that went. Then Destiny came out with such a smile. She chose life and asked for prayer.

Please pray for these girls and all those who heard the Gospel today. Esteban said he came to a realization how it takes prayers of the saints to bring these walls down..