Grumpy Old Men

As told by John Barros:

What was a cold day for three grumpy old men, the Lord turned into something very warm and beautiful.

On Monday, I told you about Brunette. She chose life, but her mother wasn’t very supportive. I asked you all to pray for her mother to come alongside her daughter. Well, today the worst thing a sidewalk counselor can see happened. Brunette’s mother brought her back. They were cold and hard as they went inside and would not listen at all. It was truly sad.

During the preaching today I called out to them by name on several occasions. About 20 minutes after the preaching, out came a smile that you only see here and this time it wasn’t just on Brunette but on her mother as well. We had such a wonderful time of rejoicing.

The Lord answered the prayers for Brunette’s mother to love her daughter. It just came in a different way than anyone could have imagined. Praise the Lord for His goodness and thank you all for all your prayers.