Happy Endings

As told by John Barros:

Being married to Vicki, I bet I have seen almost every Hallmark movie that has been made. Some of them are pretty good but none of the ones I have seen come close to the ending we saw today.

Cynthia came walking down the street and was met by Beth Goble and Elaine Mahnken. They were able to spend quite a bit of time with Cynthia. She was very sweet but went inside anyway. The morning went on with Bill, Matthew, and Pastor Dan ministering to folks that just wouldn’t listen. The preaching began. Beth and Elaine had to leave but Karen and Yolie Gonzalez came. The abortionist was late and just as he was pulling in Cynthia came out on the porch in tears. She heard the ladies calling to her to come talk but she went back inside.

Just after she went inside a guy, Leo, came pulling up front and made haste to go inside. I challenged him to get her out of there. He went inside and Cynthia came out with him in tears and they were incredibly thankful. They chose life for their baby and we had a time of prayer. I know this sounds awesome in and of its self but then I received a text.

Cynthia wanted to say thank you again. The abortionist was quickly completing his grizzly business so I texted Cynthia back and asked if they would like to join us for a late lunch at Tony’s Brazilian Buffet. She texted back that they would love to. Yolie, Karen, and I went over and met them. Then we got to hear the rest of the story.

Lunch with Leo and Cynthia

Leo was in Miami this morning when he found out Cynthia was coming here. He did not have his phone. He had left it in Cynthia’s car. He was breaking records trying to get here to stop this. He was almost part of a horrible accident that happened in front of him. He was so afraid he was going to be too late.

Inside the clinic, Cynthia was coming under heavy conviction. She said she was sitting there and her eyes began to be opened. She began to cry and wondered why nobody else inside was feeling like she was. She said some were bragging about how many abortions they have had and running their mouths about us outside. She felt so alone without Leo and then just knew she couldn’t go through with this and then Leo arrived. I can’t tell you how beautiful this was. You would have had to be there.

It was so awesome eating with them as they discussed the changes they are going to make in their lives. They are so thankful. We explained how God is the one that had set this up. Abortionist being late, God moving in their hearts and opening their eyes.

This is all new to Cynthia. I think she said today is the first time she had prayed. We went through a simple Gospel presentation and I told them I want to go into it deeper and they said that will be fine. I can’t begin to tell everything we all spoke about. It was a huge celebration. Please pray for this precious couple. We fell in love.