Hard Day

As told by John Barros:

Today was one of those days where it feels like even a shower won’t get you clean.

There were 10-15 who came but the worst thing was that three were professing Christians. One from Calvary Chapel Melbourne with a Z88.3 bumper sticker said it was okay to kill her baby because God took her other baby.

Then we had a couple of ladies who had I Love All Saints Academy and Episcopalian Prep School stickers on their car.

Then a lady with a “clergy” license plate came. We thought she was here only to support a friend but to our horror she had an abortion as well.

It was pretty crazy but there were a couple of rays of light. One young lady left and was thanking Bryan McDaniel ever so sweetly for being there. Said she was going to First Life.


The other ray was that Allura Lightfoot came by. She was in the area helping some folks and came by to encourage and help.