Hard Hearts and God’s Servants

As told by John Barros:

Well a “cold front” moved in to Orlando. There were some heavy winds that blew last night and I think they blew every hard-hearted person in Florida down here.

The place was packed today and the folks were pretty darn nasty. One of them stole my sign off of my van and they of course called the police.
It was a blessing to have the police come down. They immediately let the people inside know we were within our rights to be here. Then one of them, a seventeen-year veteran, asked me why I come down here. He was new to this precinct. It was amazing. I filled him in on their record and what goes on here. Told him how God had called me here and what He does here. We went over what people think are “exceptions” and talked for a very long time about other things. When he began to leave he said “John, you better do whatever you do to get them out of here because it is packed in there.”

Double trouble… Just kidding, they were wonderful.

There was a young lady that came out. Juliem has two children. She has been in a relationship with a guy for three months and is pregnant. She wants to kill her baby because her baby will get in the way of her “priorities.” Something went wrong with her ultrasound so she came out to talk. We told her about what God thinks of this and the wickedness of this place. She said she is going to consider what we said and go to Choices. Please pray she does and that this boyfriend would man up as he was challenged to do.

The guy that was deceptive and called the police on us and I believe stole my sign was very angry that we were there. He kind of lashed out at Karen. But then the thing that seems to happen so often here happened again. His lady backed out of her abortion. He said “Thank you” and said he was going to call me. Please pray that happens.

Then a very wicked woman pulled in. She brought her daughter and her two-year-old granddaughter was in the back seat. Karen handed her daughter our brochures. The Mom yelled out “Oh no. This baby is dying today no matter what!!” When these kind of words come out of people’s mouths it just socks the air right out of your lungs. You always get people here angry and spewing out cursing, calling names etc. But these words are a whole different awfulness.

Well once again God moved in that situation. The daughter fought going inside. Her mom was hollering more wickedness at me as she was pulling out. The daughter walked inside and turned around immediately. She walked back out and went out back. After sitting there for a while her mom pulled back in and picked her up not saying a word. Please pray that daughter stands firm against her mom and that the Lord would turn that mom’s heart to love her grandbaby.

The Lord blessed me in that afternoon. A young man, Owen, stopped by. I told him where he parked he would get a ticket. He said “That’s ok I work for the City. Are you John?” I said yes I am. He said the Lord has touched his heart to do this ministry and wanted to know if I could give him some training. We are for sure going to work that out. It was just so refreshing to see a smile on the face of a young man that loves God and wants to serve his neighbors.

Owen is awesome!!

Please continue to pray that this Evil is stopped in our country.