Hard Work and Prayers

As told by John Barros:

Kind of busy today with many conversations. We had several leave but can only be called turnaways. One was short $150 so we were able to speak with her – please pray they don’t return.

Irene, Gerry, and Audrey joined Karen and I. Blessed to have Jim join us from Georgia. He wanted to learn. He is now going to be doing this up in Georgia. Please pray for him. Everyone worked hard.

Audrey telling a lady about how her friends daughter died while having an abortion

Had another talk with Kerry today. He has some plans that if he does them will make it much more difficult. He’s had enough of my preaching. Please pray this doesn’t happen. Just wish he would get out of here. He has opened two marijuana distribution stores. Maybe he will stay there.

I can’t go into much more on here but please pray this guy gets out of here and this place goes down. Dr. Pendergraft’s trial is scheduled for Monday. Please pray he can’t slither out of this.