Heating Up

As told by John Barros:

Thanks to all of you who prayed today. It’s heating up down here in more ways than one. Today the Lord turned the hearts of three young ladies and we had one turn-away.

Please pray for Sarah and Breezy. They made it over to Choices. Sarah chose life once and we had a time of prayer, but she came back about an hour and a half later… only to come out again and ask if Choices would still see her. They went there and got help. Breezy has Lupus and had been told she was infertile. She went with Tracey Sarnicki and is now excited to have her baby and signed up to return to the crisis pregnancy center.

All this sounds wonderful to us but it isn’t wonderful to Orlando Women’s Center. Carey the consultant came out on several occasions and was not very happy. He said, “John, what are you doing? This cannot happen. This will not happen anymore.” I told him it isn’t me. It’s Jesus that is doing this, and he should repent because he cannot win. As people would talk he would come outside and encourage them to get inside. When Breezy left to her car he followed her trying to get her to come into the clinic. He kept saying “What is this? What is happening?” This place is really getting upset. You wouldn’t believe it. They are upset about the folks leaving while they are slow, and they have voiced anger about the new 24-hour law. Even James Pendergraft, the owner, came down this afternoon and the last time I saw that look was when the sheriffs were down here emptying the place. Keep praying that this place will go down!

There is one other thing I would ask for prayer about. Today a lady came with her guy, and she was very troubled. I have never seen a woman wear a leather dog collar before. It had the metal ring that you would tie a leash to. She came out sobbing with her guy. She was saying they couldn’t help with the depression she has been battling with since her abortion. I offered her help, but he sped her away. Please pray for her. It was awful.


I am so thankful that Steven, Tracey, and Philip were able to come for certain parts of their day.They are such a blessing..