How God’s Grace Saved Grace

As told by John Barros:

Today was such a blessing. Beth Goble, Yolie Gonzalez and Fredo Perez came down to serve. We were blessed to see the Lord turn the hearts of two young ladies and there was one turn-away.


Grace came out during the preaching and was so thankful. She had driven all the way from Ocala, but wasn’t going to mind the long road home. We shared how God’s grace had saved Grace, and that He had followed her all the way here. She was able to talk with Beth and Yolie and we had a time of prayer.

Then a mother and daughter came out equally thankful. God’s word is so powerful. We can’t change someone’s mind, but He totally changes hearts and lives through His word in just a split second.

Then today Lillianna, the young lady who chose life Wednesday, went to Choices. In a couple of short days not only had Lillianna chosen life but her boyfriend has gone from wanting to kill his baby to loving their baby. They will be keeping their baby. Again, thank you all for praying. Please continue. It is vital..