How Great is Our God

As told by John Barros:

Some guys go overboard trying to cover up their lack of manhood. We had them down here today.

The guy with all these trucks brought his lady down to have an abortion. He wouldn’t listen. Wouldn’t even roll his window down. They were a bunch of mockers telling me I should have been aborted, etc. She wasn’t quite so cocky when she was done.

So blessed to serve with Karen, Marcia, and Yolie. We were able to see three turnaways.

One was a guy that thought he was a Christian. He had it written all over the back window of his truck. Let’s just say he was highly angry that we were here. He was mouthing off like crazy while leading his lady in here. She was so happy to see him challenged. Well his back window was correct about how great God is because God gave his lady strength to stand against that guy and they left.

How great her God is. The guy knows a different one.

Another girl that said she was doing this today no matter what we say. Well she left too. So often it’s the loudest ones that God is working on.
Then there was a driver that was mouthing off all morning about her friend’s right to choose. Again telling us there is nothing we can say or do to change her friend’s mind. Well thankfully we know the One that can. She came out front sat in her car listening to the preaching. When it was over, she got her friend and got out of there.

Please pray for these ladies. Pray God continues to work in their lives and keeps them far from here.