As told by John Barros:

I have never been so proud of Bradley Spruill as I was today. First thing this morning he had a pretty vile angry guy in his face. He was threatening and screaming, knocking brochures out of his hand, but Bradley stood his ground. A nurse walking down the street congratulated him when she returned. This guy was truly one of the most despicable people I have ever met.


Later he calmed down and came over to the wall to talk. His reason for killing his baby today was because he has had to pimp out his lady because they need money so he doesn’t think it is his baby. They said they would wait a couple of months after the abortion to have their own baby. I began to preach and as soon as I was done she came out saying she wasn’t going to do it and she was keeping her baby. She went out back and world war three broke out. They were pounding on each other, grabbing things to throw at each other. Running and hiding behind cars. She started getting of him and he actually ran up the hill to ask Bradley if he could use his phone to call the police on her. It was nuts. He finally calmed her down and I think they did some drugs but she ended up going through with the abortion.

I believe 20 came here today but even in the middle of all this madness three ladies let their babies live. The darkness has been exceedingly deep for the past month, but God has shone a great light down here. It’s been a long time since I have seen Him do what He has done this week. He saved three Monday, one Tuesday, three Wednesday, five Thursday, and three today. Those of us who have been here this week have been truly humbled and stand in awe of our great God. Thank you so much for praying; please do not let up!.