Hurtful Day

As told by John Barros:

Today was just… how can I say this? Hurtful. You know you always get the threats, people pushing you around, maybe smacking you, swinging at you, spitting on you, or throwing things at you. You will hear them say the most awful and ungodly things you have ever heard, but that just goes with the territory. You expect that. Jesus said it would be this way so you just go with the flow.

There is something much worse than that: when you see God working on a lady to save her and her baby, you spend all day working with them, and they still chose to kill. Today was like that on steroids. After the preaching this morning two ladies did choose life but then people started filing out of there angry and fighting. The policeman had to come out to calm people down. One man walked down the street with his lady, screaming at the top of his lungs, “Get back inside!” She was sobbing and ended up returning. Another lady went out back crying and her guy was hugging and comforting her to get her back inside.


Philip Kinkopf spent so much time trying to get Kyle to get his lady out. Kyle seemed to finally get it bit never did get her out. This went on and on.


Then there was Danielle. She showed up at 7:20 this morning. She looked and acted like the blonde haired girl in the 180 video. She even had her hair the same way. I was able to speak with them at length. They went out back to think about it, but went in when they opened. After the preaching they came out but went back in. She was 20 weeks pregnant and very troubled. They came out at least ten times. Then after thinking out back again they pulled up and said they were choosing life. We spoke for a while, put together some things to make a blessing bag, and off they went. A couple hours later they returned. She went inside but her guy sat on the bricks. Her heard in-depth for probably an hour what God thinks of this and their need to repent. He sat there reading the 180 tract saying he was looking for an excuse but couldn’t find one. Eventually she came out, walking very labored because of the laminara sticks they had put on her cervix. She had already received the shot to stop her baby’s heart. She was crying, and looked at me and said, “I’m so sorry. I will see you tomorrow and bring you a cup of coffee.”


I can’t explain what bond and emotions happen even in an old hardened guy like me. We know babies’ lives are going to end and people are going to be destroyed if they go through with it. It’s so final. I am so thankful for the RBC kids who¬†came down in shifts today. Grant Arnold, Esteban DeLeon, Jessica Woodroof, Bonnie Franke, and Margaret Ruehle (from Concordia down here on spring break) fought hard. What inspirations they truly are. Thanks for praying..