“I don’t hurt all my patients…”

As told by John Barros:

Well, I had to say goodbye to Don Karnes today. He asked the abortionist Randall Whitney when he was going to start paying his lawsuits. Randall yelled back, “I don’t hurt all my patients!” I couldn’t believe it.

During the preaching a young lady came out, thanked us, and chose life. The Lord was convicting people inside so they called in a “counselor” from their other clinic.

The highlight of the day was when J.C. brought Jacey down to say hello. Thank all of you for praying for them. Jacey is so beautiful one of the workers stopped to take a look. I can’t believe what God has done in J.C.’s life. He and Lacey came to Christ, turned away from drugs, have gotten married; and he has turned into one of the most loving fathers I have ever met. The highlight of his life is to come to Saint Andrew’s to worship. It is absolutely amazing what God is doing in them.¬†They sure appreciate¬†your prayers.