I Hate Thursdays

As told by John Barros:

Well it’s Thursday… I hate Thursdays because it means the second day of late-term labor and delivery abortions. There were eight of these girls today marching around trying to speed up their labor.

Ladies are getting much more brazen about what they are doing. The two ladies in this picture would get tired of walking and sit out front talking to me. The blonde girl said “I can kill my baby if I want to.” The other said the reason for her killing her baby was none of my business. They went on talking about everything under the sun, recipes and other topics as if nothing was happening. They would just buckle every once in a while when the labor pains got strong.

The other thing that was weird was how they continued rocking back and forth trying to relieve the pain in their cervix from the Laminaria sticks. This is all going on while others are walking. This is the most barbaric thing I know of. The opposite of what God had planned.

Thankfully I had a visit from some special ladies. Vicky, Callie, Brittany, Marlyd, and Markia from Choices stopped by. They came to bring a cake and sing happy birthday to me. They were also here to remind them about what abortion is out here. It is so much different than inside the.pregnancy center and they want to see the war zone the girls come from before going to them.

I also had a call from the man that introduced me to Orlando Women’s Center about twelve years ago. Jim Fitzgerald brought me here for the first time and I hated it with a passion. I still can’t believe I am here. Jim and Michael Phillips have a radio program called Addison Walk. It airs here on Saturday afternoons at 4:00 on 950AM. They were doing a segment on abortion and asked if I would come in for the taping. It went wonderfully. These men are awesome! It will air on July 9th. There is so much going on. Please continue to pray.