As told by John Barros:

I just have to come out and say it: I do not deserve to see the impossible things I get to see. The Lord is so gracious, mighty, kind, and wondrous in all His ways. He turned the hearts of five ladies today to choose life for their babies. It was unbelievably powerful. There is no way I can possibly talk about what all went down here.

We were able to see mothers come out in tears, hugging on the side of the building after choosing life. Two different Muslim couples chose life. A pretty young lady stood up to her boyfriend who would not let her have our materials. A young lady named Debbie who came under deep conviction on her own.

There is one story I must tell, though. Marah and her boyfriend came for an abortion. They were both dead-set on it. They are Muslims. She decided to fill out her paperwork on the porch. As I was preaching every time I quoted scripture she would wince and sometimes jerk. She went on like this through the.whole sermon. They went over to their car, which was parked out front, and you could hear the arguing begin. In and out of the car they went all morning with her being told that we would take care of her. The guy was getting angrier by the minute. Finally she came out of the car like she was shot out of a canon, yelling “We are finished!” She left the car without her purse or anything. She ran right to me and said “I am not going to kill my baby.” He sped off in the car. She wanted to leave. Peggy Hobden offered to give her a ride. (She couldn’t ride with me because of cultural reasons and even said it would be better for her to take a cab.)


She called her brother and told him what was going on. Then her boyfriend came back. She went to speak with him. Her brother called back on my phone. I told him I was afraid for his sister. He told me to trust him and to be.sure there would be no harm to her and asked to.speak with her. I gave her the phone and when the boyfriend figured out who she was talking to a fear came over him. Then the brother spoke with the.boyfriend and everything began changing. Marah and her boyfriend spoke, and she smiled and said “Thank you, everything is okay now.” As they began to drive slowly away her boyfriend waved with a heartfelt smile and said “Thank you!” It was truly an amazing day.

Those of you who have been praying for Cheyenne, a brand new believer down here. She came by to show off her baby’s pictures, as she is seven months now. She is so brave to love and save this beautiful baby who is a result of her being raped. Peggy is going to mentor her. I don’t know how the Lord works and He does things that would never be expected. This week so far He has turned the hearts of twelve ladies toward their children down here. He is beyond our finding out. I am so thankful for Bradley Spruill and the Hobden family. Please continue to pray.