In Times of Brokenness

As told by John Barros:

Well a couple of days away from Father’s Day, we got to see two guys become men and lead their ladies away from this dump.

So blessed to have several people come to serve throughout the day. This morning Matt, Nancy, Charmaine, Beth, and Pastor Dan joined us. Rebecca comes by everyday to pray for us on her way to work. She is such a blessing. Well today we also had A surprise visit from Sarah.

It was pretty slow today; only seven came down. During the preaching that was pretty heavy on fatherhood and Father’s Day, two men led their ladies out. One of them was an Air Force member. After the preaching a precious lady came out said “Thank you” and told us she will be keeping her baby. It was wonderful.

After everyone left but Karen and I, Michelle arrived. We called out to her and she stopped before going in. She came out and spoke to Karen. It didn’t take long before Michelle broke down in tears and fell into Karen’s arms. We got her to come sit on the wall. Karen spent hours loving on her. Michelle is in a rough spot with some loser that she lives with. She just lost her job and everything looks bad in her eyes. The Lord turned her heart though. She really doesn’t know who God is. She learned as much as you can at an abortion clinic and chose life. She is going to go to First Life tomorrow. After we had a time of prayer something so beautiful happened. Michelle gave Karen a gift. She gave her a ring that has the Lord’s Prayer on it. Karen is strong and doesn’t get very emotional here but boy this was something else. Karen kept saying “No, you need to keep it.” But Michelle insisted. There were lots of tears and hugs down here. God is so good.

Many people only go to abortion mills during what they call “killing times.” The hour or two when people come for abortions. That really is a mistake because people come throughout the days for information, etc.
There was another cool thing that happened today. A guy drove up and said his girl is now pregnant. He said she told him to drive down here and get the info we pass out so she could get help. She wants to keep her baby.
Thank you all for praying.