Insane Day

As told by John Barros:

 Well the insanity of this week continues; the place was busy for late term day today.  Such a dark coldness.  There were your normal group of people claiming to be Christians, soccer moms bringing their kids, guys bringing their ladies to make sure they don’t have to live up to their responsibilities, etc.1939595_10204564355897247_4142900858508617286_n

 But today was a bit different because some Satan worshiping anarchists showed up.  They said that Satan was so pleased that they were going to sacrifice their baby to him.  It was horrific to see how they couldn’t wait to do it.  They would curse and yell when you would call them to Jesus.  They stood inside looking out the window while I was preaching flipping me off and yelling… it was so surreal.  To see the mix of soccer moms sitting side by side with death crazed Satan worshipers.  I asked the Satanists what they were going to say to God when they stood before Him: they said they hated God and said the vilest thing you could imagine; I was horrified for them.14195_10204564354017200_3567350294154039995_nI had to catch my breathe and think out back for a while.  Out back I realized that there really wasn’t a mix of people inside, they were all the same.  Lost, blind, and in desperate need of Jesus.  

There were some good things in spite of the darkness.  RBC is starting again on Monday so they are filtering back in. Jacob, and Jesse came back; Tom from First Baptist has recovered from heart surgery and has come down to learn.  There were two ladies that turned away.  Nikki who chose life on Monday came back with her Mother to get her money back; they were so happy and thankful.  Please continue to pray… It is blistering hot down here and the battles like this week are pretty exhausting.  Praise God, He is doing amazing things.1662280_10204564355057226_4470202704745208400_n.