Insane Day

As told by John Barros:

  I really don’t even know where to begin talking about the day down here… There was carnage on a massive scale.   It was late term day so those ladies came around 7:30, then there was a group at 9:00, then another group at 10:00.10309375_10203888464600387_7766883343795715360_n  There were 30 ladies here to kill their babies.  And there was an unusual mix of cultures and philosophies here.  People claiming to be Christians, a couple of Muslims, and even an avowed communist.  I told the Muslims that abortion is the worst sin in Islam… They knew it but said she had a medical condition that would kill her to have the baby. 10298110_10203888465320405_1167574482947324030_o Later she came over and talked quite a bit and admitted she was divorced and pregnant.  In her culture people would look down on her for having the baby.  She finally admitted she was killing her baby for pride.  Bradley worked hard today giving an answer for the hope that lies within him.   A police officer came and began puffing up his chest. I asked him if he knew the record of this place and how they were going to kill babies today.  He was visibly moved but still thought abortion was ok. Then later he actually came over sat on the wall and spoke at length to Bradley, watching me engage the people.10342506_10203888464800392_7606382394550522760_n He went inside and after I preached he came out and said, ” I agree with you guys now, and wish I could come stand with you.”  I know my friend Chet stood when he was a police officer, and I pray this one does too.  It was such an insane day.  While preaching I could almost feel like I was getting punched and words felt like they were falling on the sidewalk.  God showed Great Mercy though, and two girls chose life.  They both had tears of surrender, and went to True Life Choices. They stayed late and and one got to see her fifteen week baby and receive godly counsel.  While driving home I listened to the Fernando Ortega channel on Pandora and just lost it… This is not the way things should be.  Please pray for these girls and the ones that are coming tomorrow, and that when they look at us that they would see Jesus..