An Insanely Good Day

As told by John Barros:

Today was incredibly exhausting. God is so good. As insanely bad as last week was, today was insanely good.

Four ladies chose life today. Laquanna came early this morning via taxi. The Lord opened her heart to talk and we did, followed by a time of prayer. She went inside anyway, only to come out within a minute. She told me she doesn’t know why, but as soon as she opened the door she could feel an overpowering evil. She came out and asked for a ride to Choices. She became extremely happy to be pregnant, but when she had her test she became upset because it was negative.

Nicole came out during the preaching sobbing. She went with her conscience and not her boyfriend’s wishes. She chose life. Then Maria did the same thing.

The there was Takyra. She called me after a rather amazing thing that happened. I wish I could tell you. I met her at 4:00 at Choices. She went through a lot of counseling by those awesome ladies and had her ultrasound. There was much prayer down there over the two hours and she was able to speak with her mother who is so thankful she has her eighth grandbaby.

We had such a blast with her eight month old daughter who stole everyone’s heart. So thankful for Callie, Stella, Michelle, and the others from Choices that are always working so hard. Sheryl and the ladies from St. Andrew’s will be loving on them.