Interesting Day

As told by John Barros:

  Well today started out awesome!  Some wonderful people that came to my, “Who Will Stand” meeting at St. Andrews last week came down to help.  They are from Central Baptist Church in Sanford, Florida.  

10456012_10204394841659497_7899057263558313219_n This week has just really been the strangest one I have ever seen.  Only four couples came today.  As the preaching went on they came out one by one with heads hung down and left.  This happened until they were all gone… none of them would speak and a couple had info but I really don’t know what happened. 10539123_10204394842979530_5902099034715740321_n Melissa called the clinic to see if they were open and they said yes.  It was just very strange.  The folks from OHOP came down to pray.  No one else came but then at 4:00 people came.  One was a lady that began her late term abortion Wednesday, along with some check ups and a few new people.  The people from the morning were not there.  Randall never showed up…. just a bunch of people standing around waiting.  I had someone call to see about tomorrow and they say they will not take appointments till noon.  This has been the toughest week in years… there were hardly any that came and there were several that left but none that were talked to, prayed with, and taken to a CPC.  Please continue to pray for us down here.  10346372_10204394842579520_1096613159555400322_n.