Irony and a Full Moon

As told by John Barros:

Today there was irony mixed with a full moon. What could go wrong?

So thankful to have Steven, Karen, Yolie, and Lucas filter in and out throughout the day. Marcia brought her precious sister Shannon down to serve while on her vacation from Hawaii.

Kind of slow here with eight coming. One young lady that I believe may be a Christian ran out of here with her boyfriend. She was really a mess. They wouldn’t stop so I really don’t know what they are doing.

There seemed to be more opposition from the street than usual. Every time there is a full moon things get that way. A guy started hollering from across the street during the preaching. He came running across the street and ramped up his screaming. It is so interesting to me that he had a Pulse Nightclub T-shirt on. He couldn’t see that killing babies inside here is the same or worse than the killing of the people at Pulse. The Lord shut him up and he sat across the street without saying any more.

49 dead at Pulse… Standing for the death of babies

Another lady brought her friend today for an abortion. She had a Bible on the dash of her car. She didn’t believe it was wrong because she was helping a friend. The lady she brought asked that we would pray for God to forgive her. It was just pretty bizarre.

Thank you all for praying.