As told by John Barros:

  Today was kind of different: the people arriving were cold and just seemed indifferent.  God turned the hearts of two young ladies and there was a turn away.  The two that chose life came out proudly with their ultrasound pictures.  One was going to go to First Life for help and the other is an ongoing drama down here.  Here’s the story: yesterday sixteen- year-old Jackie chose life and stood up to her Mother who wanted her to abort her baby.  Today like other times when parents pressure their kids, they came back.  They went inside and after a while the Mother left.  A couple hours later Jackie came out with her ultrasound pictures all alone.  She came over with the pics and said, “This is my baby. I want my baby; don’t I have a choice?”  10603229_10204625425623952_2889825798929416735_n  We told her of course she does, and we prayed with her and she called an Aunt to help her.  Please pray for her.  I really had a hard time down there today.  At first I thought it was the heat but it’s this girl.  I’m a member of St. Andrew’s and I know so many wonderful families.  Not one of them is screaming at and pressuring their children to kill their babies tonight.

There is a special charisma to this young girl.  Please pray that someone in her family would help her..