Jasmine’s Story

As told by John Barros:

We had a great turnout for the Who Will Stand meeting tonight. Thank you to those of you who for Jasmine. She did a wonderful job sharing what Jesus has done for her.


She told about living in the streets of New York since she was 13 years old; coming from a family of addicts who followed Santoria… to finding herself a year and a half ago at OWC wanting an abortion because she was a homeless addict with five kids spread out at other people’s homes because she had no way to take care of them. Then God stepped in.

She trusted Him and shared how God has redeemed not only her but has redeemed all of her children back to her now. Jasmine told of how the Saint Andrew’s has accepted and loved her. She said she never knew what love was until then. She also shared the struggles she has had with her flesh. It was truly beautiful to see..