Jasmine’s Story

As told by John Barros on September 24:

I was listening to R.C. Sproul this morning on the way down. He was speaking about Isaiah chapter six. He expounded upon vs 8 and 9, stating God sends those He saves. I couldn’t help thinking about dear Jasmine who had a little extra time yesterday. She came down and called out to the ladies inside waiting for their abortion. She cried aloud as she told them about the danger they are in, what God has done for her and her family since she trusted Him, and how precious Jesus is.


God is so amazingly wonderful!! His mercies endure forever.

One married couple went to first life but four went through with it. It was another day with fewer clients than workers. Please continue to pray these guys go down but until then that God pulls more “Jasmines” out of the fire.

 _ _ _

True Life Choice created a video that tells Jasmine’s story. Take a few minutes to watch and celebrate the goodness of the Lord with us!