Jesus Is All That Matters

Well, it was kinda wet and gloomy down here today. The folks that were coming to help weren’t able to make it, so it ended up being training day. Spent the day with Jesus and it was wonderful. When you are here alone you talk to Him all day. He showed me once again that He is all that matters.

I was blessed to watch Him turn away two young ladies, and then there was Dianna. She and her boyfriend came. He gave all the excuses you have ever heard. During the preaching folks were looking out the windows. About fifteen minutes after the preaching she came out crying and hyperventilating on the porch. I asked her boyfriend to take her to a real doctor and gave them our literature. They spoke for quite a while and then came out and went out back.


A few minutes later they drove up and rolled down the window. She was so thankful. He seemed a little shocked but I think he will come along…

The biggest fight today seemed to be between me and the workers that have begun replacing the ladies that have quit. It was job fair day here, with ladies coming to be interviewed. The folks that work here were yelling at me for telling the new potential workers about the record of this place, the devils that live here, and what God thinks about this place.

Please pray that the Lord opens the ears and hearts of the replacements that they might hear the Gospel.