As reported by John Barros:


John speaking with Kevin and Erin

What a tremendous day it was… three young ladies chose life, inluding Kevin and Erin.  Please pray for them, they headed over to First Life to get help.

Then Jovannah stopped by with such excitement because she had returned from True Life Choices with her ultrasound picture. Jovannah is having a boy and in a couple of the pictures you can see he is waving at us.

It is such an honor and blessing to be able to work with these Crisis Pregnancy Clinics… the two mentioned above as well as the Sanford Crisis Pregnancy Center are so very valuable.   Please look and see what God has done in Jovannah’s heart… It is plastered all over her face. Not even the same girl I met three weeks ago. God is so good.


Jovannah with ultrasound pictures of her baby boy