As told by John Barros:

  Today is a day I will never forget.  Warren came down to serve and it was a rather busy day.  A dear brother from St. Andrew’s, Rey, also stopped by to see what goes on down here.  His family prays for the work down that goes on down here.10457789_10204748452179539_6625365099353578766_n  Had to preach again in the afternoon when they came to pick up the dead babies.  Rey got to see Jesus turn the heart of a young lady and she chose life.  As the lady and her family pulled up they were so thankful and took the info to get help.  Rey was so blessed to see this because there really is nothing like watching God work in the hearts of people.

  The preaching in the afternoon gets much more prophetic than in the morning because time is running out.  A young lady, Kaitlin, is serving her community service down here with me… don’t ask.  God works in mysterious ways.  Well when she heard the sermon about what happens to those that die without Christ she said, “What about me, John?”  When I was done we sat on the wall and went through the Gospel.  She definitely saw where she stood with God and her need to repent.  It was truly beautiful.  She is one special young lady.  Please pray for her and the lady that chose life.  Kaitlin wants to come to St. Andrew’s on Sunday evenings because she has to work in the mornings.  God is so good.10614198_10204748452539548_3821655273070086721_n.