Kingdoms Collide

As reported by John Barros:

Oh what a precious day today was. Even though over 20 ladies came to kill their babies there were so many awesome stories.

Jerusha chose life and headed to a CPC

One young lady by the name of Jerusha came to kill her baby. She sat out on the porch filling out paperwork as the preaching was going on. She was getting very anxious when she jumped out of her seat, threw the clipboard on the ground, and went to her car in tears. Carolyn Frame went over and shared the hope there is in Jesus with her. She chose life and went to a CPC.

Shortly thereafter a young man was convicted of what they were doing and told his girlfriend “Let’s get out of here; we can do this.” He came out front, shook my hand, and thanked us all for being there.

Then there was a dramatic battle that went on in a young lady’s heart. She came out after the preaching in tears, making several phone calls and talking to the girl who brought her. Finally we saw that light go on when someone submits to Jesus’ work in their heart. I asked her if she was going to keep her baby and leave; she said YES and even waved and said “Thank you” to all of us as she went to her car. CHEERS went up from all the folks praying on the wall!

Tammy chose life five months ago.

It was simply amazing; God Loves showing off and He was Glorified down there today…

Then to top it all off God sent a precious eight-month pregnant lady by the name of Tammy down to thank me for preaching five months ago. She was what we call a “turn away”: someone who leaves but doesn’t tell you why so you can’t say they chose life. Tammy did choose life and she hung around trying to help. Mary Frame¬†took her under her wing and just loved her.

It is amazing how two kingdoms collide down there. There is the kingdom of darkness where little babies are being brutally murdered and families are destroyed; and there is His precious kingdom of light where we fellowship with our Savior and little children, with little children playing Ring Around the Rosie less than a hundred feet away.

Bless the Lord O my soul. I couldn’t begin to thank those who came out to help throughout the day as well as all of you who pray daily..