Late Terms and Rain

As told by John Barros:

The day began with late term ladies arriving to begin their second day of labor, and the rest followed an hour later. We couldn’t get very many conversations going because of the rain.

Before the preaching began, the Lord did a truly amazing work. Two ladies standing across the street in the parking lot began screaming at us: “do not judge those people. It is a sin to judge people.”

Yolie, Bill, and Warren began calling back to them. The tempers began to get pretty heated. When there was a bit of a lull, I looked at the two ladies and said you are judging us. One of the ladies said something I couldn’t understand and then stopped. I had this really strong desire to speak with them so I went across the street.

I asked the lady that I couldn’t understand what she said. She said “I started to yell at you, but something told me I should shut up.” I began telling them that God sends us down here to bring the Gospel to lost people who are on the brink. They thought we were protestors.

As I began to share the Gospel with them, they came under deep conviction. They shared that they were far from God. We went further and they began confessing their sins. They began repenting, and I told them to search their hearts, bring all their sin to Him, and commit their lives to him.


They said they were going to, and that they were going to seek out a church called Living Waters in Kissimmee where some friends go. We had a time of prayer and I left them to do their appointment stuff. When they were finished, they began honking their horn and saying thank you. I told them I would be praying for them and they yelled out “we will be praying for you guys!” It was truly amazing.

As far as the mill goes, it was horrible. Nobody chose life or turned away. There was a guy down here that owns a big dealership and he would not listen. He had been bringing a lady since Monday. Thanks to some clues, Don was able to look him up . When I called him by name he was in deep shock but still didn’t stop. So thankful for Chuck, Mary, Donna, and Bradley. It was just a tough day.

There was a wonderful blessing, though, in the afternoon. An Anglican pastor from Bristol, Tennessee, Todd, and our dear friend Jacob dropped by to encourage us. I haven’t seen them in so long. They used to hang out at our house when they were at RTS. Man I love these guys. Today was rough but beautiful. Please continue to pray.

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