As told by John Barros:

  Well I never know who the Lord is sending down to serve on any given day….He sent a wonderful crew down here today.  10391388_10204430810158687_1206759340936426082_nThis was the strangest Wednesday I have ever seen…. Only four ladies came down here to kill their babies.  Two began their late term abortions, and there were two others.   Randal came late and was gone by 1:30 pm.  There was a young lady, Lauda, that came back for a check up; they sent her out and she spoke with us.  She said Randall has messed her up on the inside, and said she was going to get checked out when she got back to her home country.  We prayed with her, asking God to bring her to repentance and help her.  She was moved and crying as she walked away with the coward that brought her here. 10569003_10204430809838679_1499896309653996995_n (1) Lauda has had everything happen to her that she was warned about several times the day she came.  She is a wreck physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is so hard to watch this happen to people.  And these guys are such cowards….they could learn by watching little Jeffrey taking care of baby Trinity. 10509657_10204430810638699_1187401049507198891_nPlease continue to pray, as the numbers are starting to drop down here.  The word is out on this place… even Randall the other day said we are, “terrorizing” the ladies.  He was very angry.  I would really like to see some miracle bring them down, but their god is money and if money doesn’t show up they will be gone..