Laying in Wait

As told by John Barros:

After some of the best few days I have ever had, the enemy was laying in wait back at OWC. I am so thankful for Pastor Burk’s sermons yesterday. They were strength to my bones. Today was one crazy attack after another. There were the usual people cursing and screaming all manner of vileness, but then a guy came who was on a different level altogether.

He screamed like a demon with death threat after death threat, then ran over and swung at me– all the while screaming unintelligibly. He went inside and after a while began screaming inside, came out and started kicking the front doors in. His lady and her father came out in disbelief and left.

Then a lady came and as I handed her a brochure she spit all over my face. A young lady who comes from down the street to serve said something to her and a brawl ensued. I got that separated but they turned on me with more death threats. I told people with me “No matter what happens, do not call the police.” Of course someone did, and six officers came.


Just like always the police turned on me, and the people who had done all this made up lies so the police did a big “investigation”. And of course the people who called the police took off. They had me fill out a report saying I would not press charges. People don’t realize that down here the police are not our friends. One told me before that if I ever got shot or stabbed they wouldnt even arrest the person based on the law that was used in the Treyvon Martin case.

Two beautiful young ladies, Gabrielle and Alexza, came down for their first time. What troopers these ladies were. They did not fear and held steadfast in prayer. Alexza even had some spit in the midst of all this. Her goal is to work in orphanages in China. She has done it and is trying to get her education finished. I was missing bluegrass friends today. Please continue to pray. Two babies got to see another day. I hope their decision holds firm and wasn’t just because of the craziness.