Let There Be Light

As told by John Barros: 

God said “let there be light”, and there was light. – Genesis 1:3

The Lord in His great mercy shined a light in the hearts of people today. It was kind of crazy with many darkened hearts today and guys breathing out threats and vileness.

The security was thrown off a bit. He called me down back to show me something. He had a paper with a picture of his girlfriend on it, with a horrific picture of an aborted 24 week baby next to her picture. On the paper it told what she does for a job and it had been sent to everyone in the subdivision. Kerry wanted to know if I knew who would do that. I told him it could be anyone of thousands of people.

Before Kerry got there a couple had come about 7:00. I did my best speaking to people in broken English and then was able to get Stella from Choices on the phone with them. She spoke to them for some time but they got tired of listening. Stella told me they were hard set on killing their baby.

I spoke with them more over the next forty minutes or so and they were very hard indeed. Then out of nowhere, they walked over to me and thanked me. They said their eyes had been opened and off they went to Choices.

It was so beautiful to see God change Ricardo and Maria’s hearts. They confirmed the love God had given them for their baby at Choices and are getting the help they need.

During the preaching a young girl we had spoken to earlier, Aneta, came out with a light from inside her heart shining through her face. Aneta and Andrew asked for prayer and Mrs. W counseled more with her. I wish you could have seen these faces.

As I was ending the sermon, Lydia came out just about at a dead run. I asked if she needed a ride, but she thanked me, said she was keeping her baby, and was down the street. Her boyfriend Ishmael came out and was told she was down the street. He took off after her running. I’m sure she would have left him there.

There were also two turn aways. It was so amazing to watch God bring such a light to bear through His Word here today. I am so thankful also for Sarah and Jessica. They had been away for a while and the evil of this was really getting to them. Mr. and Mrs. W were down here on vacation and brought Sarah and Jessica down to serve. It is so awesome to watch loving parents like this lead their families to serve. Mrs. W is a sight to behold. Running all over, loving whoever is blessed to get in her way.

The Lord times everything so perfectly. Right after the W’s left, Bonnie and Sally came down to stand in the gap for the afternoon. It was pretty darn dark down here today but the darker the backdrop, the brighter He shines!