Life in the Balance

As told by John Barros:

I am blessed beyond measure. I cannot believe it really. I never know who all is going to come down here. Well today, Yolie, Karen, Pastor David, and I had a whole gang join us down here. Steven brought his brother and then Jonathon, and Devorah from the Canadian Center For Biological Research brought people down here in shifts.

They were having an awareness campaign at UCF and wanted these Canadian students to see what it was like to minister in front of an abortion mill. They are unable to do that in Canada. Every year they come and serve down here and boy do I look forward to their arrival. Already counting the days until next year.

Awareness Campaign at the biggest school in the USA. Done by Canadian Students

Well they were blessed to see the Lord move. One man led his lady out of here first thing this morning. There was a young lady named Arelia that arrived. Got to speak with her and her boyfriend. During the preaching she came out for prayer. She was totally convicted and chose life. Please pray for her. She is 21 weeks and needs some help.

Then there was “Faith.” She got dropped off by an Uber taxi. She spoke with Karen, Yolie, and I at length. All the kids were praying while the talking was going on. We prayed with her, God opened her eyes, and she chose life. The kids began to clap for her and we all surrounded her and prayed for her. Precious Yolie was running all over the place today and she gave “Faith” a ride to Choices where she received loving counsel and her ultrasound. She didn’t just choose life but also committed her life to Christ.

Prayers for Faith

A couple of Choices volunteers also came by today in the rain to see what it’s like to minister down here. Melissa and Katherine were able to share with these students about the care these ladies receive when they get over there. They loved it.

Melissa and Katherine sharing with the students

It was very hard on these kids. In Canada they have buffer zones around clinics and they are not allowed to minister like this. They were happy to minister but many were overwhelmed with the callousness of those arriving and the fact that there is so little time to act. Life in the balance brought broken hearts to them.

Broken hearts

I broke down on the way home today as I knew I would. I build so many walls to guard my heart that I forget how painful this truly is. These kids come every year thinking they will learn from me. I am sure I learn more from them. So thankful for these precious people. I so don’t deserve them.

This group is incredible. They do things like no other groups I know. Their goal is making people aware of the horror of abortion. I see so many people whining and this group attacking that group. Sitting behind keyboards wreaking havoc amongst believers. They should quit all that and do what these folks do.

They have a goal of 4,000,000 one-on-one conversations this year. They do awareness campaigns at the schools in Canada and all over the place. They go house to house through the neighborhoods informing people. Jonathon told me they have had a million conversations so far this year. They do not go with the intent of causing trouble and amazingly are well received even here at UCF. I believe Jonathon told me that a student at UCF found out she was pregnant but remembered their campaign from last year and God used that meeting to keep her baby. I believe 90% of a message is seen by how it is presented.

Please pray for these kids. They are so special and please pray for the three that chose life and the turn away. Thank you.