Life vs. Death

As told by John Barros:

Well the kids from CCBR cane down for another day. Some stayed at UCF with their abortion displays and some came down here for the day. Most of these kids have never done this kind of ministry before. I was amazed to realize that 95% of them are from Dutch Reformed Churches across Canada. They did a fantastic job at both venues.

The ones that stayed at UCF were met with much opposition from Planned Parenthood supporters that were swinging around sex toys, handing out condoms, and trying to get students not to speak with these dear young people. It didn’t work though. They were able to have many conversations.

The ones that came down here were met by much evil as well. By those that were coming for abortions and the workers here. It’s just strange to see the couple that runs this place talking about their wedding plans, etc. And the abortionist Randall Whitney speaking to the students about how he is a helper to women. It was really tough on them. They are solid in their faith and called the workers to repentance. It was pretty tough especially from the vile words coming from the clients.

Calling out to the workers

Karen, Donna, and I were so blessed to have them here. I was so unbelievably happy to have someone else come down to serve. Suzanna has been a FB friend for years but today she took a day out of her vacation and brought her family down. I don’t know what is going on with all the Canadians the last couple of weeks but they are as well. They are also Dutch Reformed. This family is so awesome. Her husband and kids are just the best.

Suzanna and her wonderful family

This evening Jonathon and Devorah invited me to their decompression dinner as they evaluated their trip and prepare to go home. It was wonderful. They were challenged to keep the course. As it ended and I was about to leave I heard a piano coming from the sanctuary of the church we were in. I went inside and it was dark. Collen was playing Beautiful music. Some others came in and there was just something that seemed to take away all stress. Got us all ready to get busy again.