Lifeguards at Death’s Doors

As told by John Barros:

Today was slow again. Six came and one “Chose Life For Today” They came under conviction but are still leaning towards an abortion. They are going to sleep on it and left with their ultrasound. Please pray for them.

There is another thing I would request prayer for. Kerry went down to Ft. Lauderdale today. He is going down to get attorneys, police, etc., to go after my friend Tom. Tom serves at Pendergraft’s mill down there. He has become a full-time minister there. God is moving through his efforts as well as John and Tewannah Aman, and Stacy.

Kerry put a fence up between the church and them to keep them from speaking to the folks as they arrive. Tom went ahead and built a “Lifeguard Tower.” He sits on the church’s property and is able to speak to the folks. Tomorrow the clinic is going to try and put a stop to this. Please pray that their attempts would backfire and come to ruin.
Thank you.

Tom working over the fence