Light, Dark, and Blind

As told by John Barros:

Today would have to be put in the “light, dark, and blind” file. It was all here today. Jesus brought Tom down for his first time. I met him when I spoke at a Choices meeting. He came down to learn. He is such a nice man. While he was there Jesus crushed the cold heart and opened the eyes of a precious young lady named Amy. I don’t have any pictures of her and her mother but they were crying tears of relief and joy and were so thankful. They asked for prayer and I told them you all would. I don’t think Tom will ever be the same again.


Then the craziness began. The normal late-term mocking and vileness. I received a message from my dear friends Jocelyn Acuff letting me know God had prompted her to pray for us today. (There are several who pray daily like Christy, Shari, and I’m sure many others.) Well boy did we need it. The place became very dark.

There was a mother and friend who brought their daughter for a late-term abortion. We had been preaching and pleading when all of a sudden the young lady came out the front door screaming about the abortionist. Her mother was right behind, screaming to the other people there for abortions. She looked at all of them and yelled “The people on the sidewalk have been telling us the truth!”

It turns out Randall began talking to this young lady about sexual things. He is so disgusting. He does this from time to time, and trust me this is nowhere near the first lady to come off the table from such talk. Then Randall had one of his famous meltdowns. He began screaming and cursing with all manner of vileness. All the people inside witnessed all this. The young lady and her mother left. I have no idea if they will choose life or just try and find another late-term provider; they wouldn’t stop to talk to us. They looked to be in deep shock and seemed not to be able to get out of there fast enough.


We used every opportunity to call out to the people, showing what kind of a place this is. Even Chantelle was trying to wake them up, going right up on the lawn to talk. One lady named Brittany cane over and talked to us. She chose life, had us pray for her, and took a blessing bag; then went inside to get her money back. I don’t know what happened inside but she ended up staying in. The blindness is unbelievable.


After all this craziness, believe it or not, the people we were trying to help turned on Bradley and I. When God’s word tells us man’s heart is wicked above all things (Jeremiah 17:9), you’d better believe it. All the rest of the afternoon were people rejecting the grace and kindness of God. People hate God, His Law, and anyone who would get between them and their blind murderous desires.

The Enemy is all here on steroids; the world, the flesh, and the devil. So Jocelyn, Shari, Christy, and anyone else please continue to pray for us down here!.