Like Hell Itself

As told by John Barros:

Today was in so many ways like hell itself. This 24-hour wait ping pong ball is making things crazy down here. Today there was such a huge mix. We had people coming for their first consultation, people coming back for their abortions after their consultations from Tuesday and yesterday, late-term moms marching and passing out in the back hurrying their labor to deliver their babies into a toilet, children being brought here by their parents, people mocking us with threats and anger, and women returning for checkups after having abortions.

The clinic workers, feeling enabled by the law being blocked, did a lot of mocking. We actually had one come outside filming me while I preaced, “correcting” me in parts. It was crazy, just a long stream of evil. I don’t know where they are getting all these people and I don’t know how that 81 year old man is able to do all this.

This late-term mom couldn’t walk anymore. All she.could do was stand while tremors wracked her body. She just stood there puking and spitting, and wouldn’t go with me to the hospital.

She just buried her head in her hands in 95-degree Florida heat, mumbling and rocking back and forth. Ultimately she passed out with her head against the bumper, right below the sign on the building that says “Orlando Women’s Center Gives You The Care You Deserve” until they came and took her inside.

There were a couple of bright spots, though. A young lady yesterday said the picture of little John {admin note: the same image that appears on the website header} on my van was haunting her. She prayed with Chris and I, and did not return today. She said she was going to pray about it all last night.

There was also a young girl about 15 who came yesterday and today on her bicycle who fled both days after her dad thought she was safe inside. As soon as he left she did too, and rode away as fast as she could.


Then there was Cindy. She came yesterday for her consultation. She returned today for her abortion. Bill and I spoke with her about how God had followed her here and wanted her to trust Him. She broke into tears. We spoke at length and prayed with her, but she said she “had to” and went inside. Vicky from Choices was in the area and stopped by to encourage us. While she was there Cindy came out with a huge smile. She said she couldn’t stand it inside and was leaving. She was able to be loved on by Vicky and was told what they could do for her. Please pray for Cindy and the others from today. Pray they don’t return tomorrow.


Do these judges, politicians, and dare I say pastors have any idea what is going on out here?.

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