Making a Difference

I don’t know what to say other than Thank You!! People really can make a difference.

I have heard from many of you that were calling these guys. Well I now have word from my dear brother Michael Marcavage. He has spoken in person to the owners of UMI.

They are really upset that they have been involved in this. Orlando Women’s Center used its other name “Center of Orlando For Women.” They had no idea that this was an abortion clinic; they thought it was just an ObGyn. They are pro life and support pro life causes. They are tearing up their three-year contract with them and are prepared to face the fact that they will have to pay fines for backing out of a contract. They don’t care.

UMI is tearing up its three-year contract with OWC and is prepared to face the fact that it will have to pay fines for backing out of a contract. Please pray for this company.

Please pray for this company and if you know any medical people that need this service, please ask them to consider using UMI. They are now training their salesmen to be more careful.

Let’s see what happens now. I know one guy that is going to be furious about this. They really have a hard time finding people to do this for them.

Thanks again, Michael!!