Making it More Difficult

As told by John Barros:

Today was a bit different. They closed their EPOC center and had everyone here. They have been doing that a lot lately on Thursdays and Fridays but I think this is the first Wednesday.

Lots of hard hearts today. There was one turn-away, and then there was Lillianna. She met her boyfriend here. He had one of these trucks loaded with Christian bumper stickers. I was able to speak with her a little but then he was able to tuck her “safely” inside. He left, but about an hour later she came out under heavy conviction. She went out back and sat in her car, then pulled up and rolled down the window. She was crying. When she was told how good God was to follow her all the way to the “gates of hell” she began sobbing. Her tears became tears of thanksgiving. We spent time speaking of her need to repent and commit her life to Christ. Then Samantha and I were honored to pray with her. You could feel the weight of the world lift off her back as we prayed. Please pray for Lillianna; she is special.

Then the workers and their questions today. They wanted to know about the 24-hour bill that just passed. One wanted to know when it takes effect. The lady who runs these places said, “John, you guys may make it harder for us to do things but abortion will never end.” Then the abortionist Randall Whitney arrived. He said “These laws are nothing new. 24-hour bills exist all around the country. They just call and make an appointment the day before and come in. It’s stupid.” When I told him that he would have to meet each girl face-to-face with her ultrasound and explain her abortion to her and that she would have to go home and return, he got very upset. Randall said “This is bull $&%#. You people hate women. You just want to scare and terrorize them!” It was classic Randall.

The amazing thing to me is that they never saw this coming. You may wonder why I have talked about this law several times. I guess you would have had to have been here the day after President Obama was voted in. The workers came out with Obama signs, sticking them in my face screaming “Obama, Obama, Obama!” over and over again and saying “Obama is.going to make sure everyone gets an abortion.” That was a very disheartening day. I loooong to see abortion abolished. Until then I will cherish anything that makes it more difficult for these places.


It was an honor to serve with Samantha Shaffer, Jerry, and Philip Kinkopf today. It was tough work on a tough day.

We are losing Jerry. He is a snowbird and is heading back to Hayward, Wisconsin. If any of you know of an abortion mill anywhere close to there please let me know. He wants to serve. Thank you for praying. Please continue!.