Many Conversations

As told by John Barros:

OWC was pretty darn busy for a Monday. God showed mercy on two families and brought them out. Bradley and I were able to have many conversations as it takes forever for the abortionist to get there on Mondays.

There was another cool story as well: over a year ago, Darby Stouffer came down here to help. As I was preaching Darby took her hymnal out and began walking along the sidewalk and down the back singing. She went back and sang How Great Thou Art for our dear friend Dr. Collins next door. I could hear that precious voice wafting up the driveway. About half an hour later a lady came out crying and with a loud voice asked, “Who sang that hymn?” Darby raised her hand and softly answered, “I did.” Sherry came down the steps at a rapid pace and I thought there was going to be trouble. Far from it. Sherry grabbed Darby in a massive bear hug and with tears pouring down her face said over and over again, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Sherry began to tell us that over a year earlier she had lost her husband and the night of her husband’s funeral she lost her mother. This plunged her into a deep depression she couldn’t shake. Sherry said she was sitting in the exam room in Dr. Collins’ office and heard the most beautiful voice coming through the window singing her husband’s favorite hymn. She said a light came on in her heart.

All that to say Sherry came back today. She is like a different person. She hung out with me and Bradley, asking questions about the ministry here and how this all works. I am sure she will be back to help. And of course Sherry wanted once again to tell Darby “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”