Marine’s Girlfriend Chooses Life

As told by John Barros:

Thank you all for praying so faithfully for the ministry down here.

A young couple came today. The guy had a sticker proclaiming that he was a Marine. He kept coming in and out while he was virtually coming apart at the seams. After several hours he came back up with Gabby’s purse crying. He took it inside, gave it to her and left her there. We thought at first that he wanted her to keep the baby but after talking to Gabby we found the opposite to be true: he left because she chose life. She called and her mother came to get her. Her mother was happy.


On most days now there are more workers here than clients. Today they would have received $2,000. With six workers and an abortionist I have no idea how long they can keep the doors open. Nobody went to his other clinic here today. Please keep praying; it is working!.