Maundy Thursday

As told by John Barros:

After thinking about it tonight I am amazed at how God can work so sweetly in the midst of such wickedness and horror.

There were six that came here today on Maundy Thursday to kill their children. One couple was on the second day of their late-term labor and delivery abortion. The longer this process took over two days the uglier the baby’s dad got.

Pastor Emerson came down to learn and serve. He is from a Reformed Baptist Church in Edgewater, Florida. It was a blessing to have him join Bill, Yolie, and Karen who is now working at First Life Pregnancy Center with Carmem.

In the middle of the ugliness a young Guatemalan couple showed up. They spoke a different dialect of Spanish than Yolie Gonzalez knows. Bill, a deacon from my church, worked with them for about an hour. It was so amazing to me because somehow they could understand him without English. At one point, she went to her knees pleading with her man and hugging his leg. God was working in their hearts in much less than ideal situations. Yolie took them over to Choices where they were loved and cared for by Vicky Botsford Mathews and the gang in a language they could understand. God did this in such a sweet way and He wasn’t finished.

Bill in the middle of an incredible story

A young lady I have been working with came by today. Brandi is very pregnant. We were talking about her situation and how we may be able to help when she looked me in the eye and said “John, can you help me to be a Christian?” I couldn’t believe it. She asked for a Bible and wanted other reading materials. I gave her a Bible and R.C. Sproul’s “Five Things Every Christian Needs to Grow.” We are going to meet again tomorrow where she will be given a Study Bible. God worked in hearts in such a special way today. I get so sick from all the vileness down here and sometimes fail to see how kind He is.