As told by John Barros:

  There were only six that came today, but they were a cold bunch.  There was one young lady that began to soften but the guy that brought her, wearing a “Play Hard Pray Hard” t-shirt called some gangster looking guy down to get tough with her, and she went through with it.10626559_10204803811003475_6358007270692771989_n

  My dear sister, Brittany, came down to call out to them, proudly showing her dear boys, one of which her and her Husband, Daniel, have adopted.  Showing folks what a blessing their baby could be to another family.  It was a tough day though and no one listened. 10481469_10204796821708747_4354415140163670246_n   There was a wonderful time in the afternoon though.  Jesus led a man that has spent most of his life in prison down here.  Maurice had no direction and wanted to know if we could pray with him.  He sat on the wall and Warren, Kyle and I went through the Gospel with him.  We explained what true repentance is and what true forgiveness is.  It was so beautiful.  He has extremely bad eyesight and we found him a Bible that he could actually see; it’s half the size of him though. 10659242_10204796823828800_7852733592257622316_n  Maurice has made a profession of faith and committed his life to Christ.  He lives in a room close to OWC and will be coming by for discipleship and will be coming to St. Andrew’s beginning Sunday.  Please pray for him; he reminds me in some ways of Brooks in the Shawshank Redemption movie.  Thank you.10522558_10204796823508792_2599929807474898355_n.