Mercy and Compassion

As told by John Barros: 

You just never know who the Lord is going to send down here on any given day. He always puts together the perfect team for those that are coming.

Well this being Veterans Day, with many people off work, about thirty ladies came down. Biggest day I have seen in a very long time. They came in four different shifts, beginning at 8:00 and still taking new people in at 5:00. I have no idea how an 83 year old man can do this.

Some folks were highly upset we were there, but the Lord worked in two young ladies and a man. Precious Jessica arrived first thing. She had to go to class, but wanted to serve for a couple of hours. She began to worship and Yolie joined in when she arrived. They sang so beautifully that people driving by actually stopped, listened, clapped, and encouraged.

Then Hanna arrived and met with Yolie first thing. Yolie spoke with her at length, and then they left together to Choices. She went through the counseling and had an ultrasound, finding out she is 19 weeks.

To the horror of Yolie, Hanna wanted to come back here. She came up wanting to go inside. She listened to what God thinks of this and how kind he was to call her to Trust Him. She finally broke down and had Yolie take her home. Please pray for her. She has a host of problems that need to be addressed. It will take a team of ladies from St. Andrew’s to help her.

Thankfully, the Lord brought Pastor Lewis here from Melbourne today. It was a mess and we were so blessed to have him. Tyrrell and Erica came. They were in and out all day. The preaching really got to Tyrrell, and Pastor Lewis called him over and began ministering to him. He began to see that he was guilty of murder as well if she went through with it. To make a long story short he finally went inside and drug Erika out to speak with us.

She heard what God thinks of this and the Lord began to work in both of their hearts. They sat on the wall and listened. In the middle of all this, James called and heard what was going on. He began to pray for them from Texas. Then Jocelyn called. I showed Tyrrell that not just those of us on the wall cared for them, but people in Texas and Kentucky were praying for them.

I even gave him my phone and Jocelyn showed him much love. As they were getting close, they told us something I couldn’t believe. Erika’s cousin had been telling her not to do it and if she went here she would have to deal with me, because her cousin came out during the preaching over a year ago and the Lord turned her heart.

She went on to tell her how God has provided for her and her baby. Then Tyrrell said that he had met me before when he brought a girl here in the past and she had also chosen life. It was truly bizarre.

Erika sat on the wall listening to the goodness of God while Tyrrell went inside and stayed there. I believe he wanted Lewis and I to speak with her alone. After about 20 minutes, Tyrrell came out, grabbed Erika, and said “come on, let’s get out of here!” It was beautiful.

There was much carnage here today but the Lord showed much mercy and compassion on two young ladies. Pastor Lewis and I were completely worn out as the sun was setting but it was so good. He is one dear brother that loves Jesus. Please, please pray for these folks. There are many hurdles for them.