Messy Ministry

As told by John Barros:

Today was cold but the folks coming here were a whole lot colder. There was one young couple who left in the morning, but other than that we could hardly get anyone to come out. Pastor Burk Parsons taught on the word being the light last Sunday night and we all did our best to get the light into that darkness but they just hardened their hearts.

Thursdays are always a bit darker than the rest because it is the second day of labor for the late-term abortions. There were a few of those here today. It just makes you sick as they walk around out back trying to hurry their labor and delivery. I walked down at one point and found a couple making out like they were in a movie or something while their baby was dying inside her.

We were happy to see J.C. and Lacey’s newborn baby but it makes the reality of what is happening here so horrible. I am so thankful for Bonnie Franke so faithfully coming again today. It was great to have the Edgars snowbirding from WV again. I am so thankful to have Tracey Sarnicki back again and Warren Marquardt is back after the holidays.


Warren has adopted a clinic down in Lakeland now. He goes every day they are open and the Lord is now bringing people to stand with him. There is a pastor who is coming to help him now as well.

Driving home today feeling sick from the day I received a text from someone at Choices who told me a lady came in. She left here choosing life several days ago. She had been thinking and thinking, and finally went in where she got her ultrasound, counseling, and in fact has kept her resolve to choose life for her baby.

This ministry is so darn messy. There are so many highs and lows, but God works in folks we don’t see. My friends Jocelyn and Brandon Acuff just received word today from someone who had chosen life and wanted to find them. Don’t give up, friends; there is far more going on than we will ever see..