Ministry and Fellowship

As told by John Barros:

Strange day down here. It was really slow. Five ladies came for abortions but three of them turned away. Unfortunately I don’t know their stories. One of them rolled down the window and said Thank You but they wouldn’t talk. Please pray they don’t return.

One mom brought her daughter down but would not listen. The other was a late termer on her second day. She was dropped off before 8:00 when it was 39 degrees. She was in bad shape. She went out back and just sat in the dirt. I tried to make a late plea to her but she would not listen. It was unbelievably pitiful.

I have spoken to so many women that suffer from what they have done. I cannot imagine what one of these ladies go through. People praying and pleading with them for two days and then going through this type of abortion where they deliver their babies into a toilet. I can’t imagine.

I was honored to serve with Donna and Karen. It was slow so we had some time to fellowship and pray together. It’s amazing how little we know each other. You probably see us serving together daily and think we really know each other but we don’t have the time. We try to stay focused on what is going on here and not talking about other things while serving. We must stay focused so not much time to fellowship. Well today we were able to catch up and encourage each other.

Karen (left) and Dorothy (right)

We also had a special lady come by. Dorothy is from St. Andrews and she stopped by to encourage us. So blessed to have her here.