Ministry On the Street

As told by John Barros:

I don’t even know where to start. So blessed to have some of the students from Reformation Bible College join us. Chelsea brought some of the first-year gang down here. These kids are wonderful. Bringing the theology they learn out to the street. Isaac, Cody, Graham, and Sionna represent our future.

First thing this morning a young Columbian lady came for an abortion. Beth tried to speak with her but she only spoke Spanish. We were able to get Yolie on the phone. She spoke with her at length. The young lady went inside but came out shortly and left. Yolie will be glad to hear this. She wishes she could be here but hasn’t been able to for health reasons.

During the preaching we had a few turnaways that were pretty solid. Then there was a couple that pulled up front. She went inside but he stayed in the car out front during the kids’ awesome singing and the preaching. He began screaming like nothing I have ever heard. His windows were up but it was crazy. After the RBC kids went back to school he put his window down and Karen spoke with him. He still stayed there but then when the preaching began again she came running out the door and got in the car. They sat there thinking and talking. Then they started the car and began waving with huge smiles. It was awesome.

Another young lady came and took info from Karen. She changed her mind and will be going to First Life tomorrow morning.

So much other ministry on the street. Pastor Dan worked with a young man as well as calling out here. Chelsea witnessed to a guy and prayed with him. We met a young lady that had been raped but is keeping her baby. The Beast didn’t get here till after 2:00 so the Lord provided us so much more time. When people have God’s Word banging around and inside them for 6 hours, things happen.