From Mockers to Thankers

The last few days have been crazy busy. Warren returned from up north and will be serving here again on Thursdays. So blessed to have RC join us today along with dear Delaney.

Thursday we were able to witness God turn two guys into men and lead their ladies out of this place. It was wonderful. Today we saw God work on four ladies and drive them out of here. The first one was a young girl that stood up to her mother and left. Mom was furious and came driving up the ramp, missing people sitting on the wall by about a foot, while her poor daughter was crying. Beth met a girl that was dropped off and spoke with her for a while, then took her away to the pregnancy center for counseling and an ultrasound.

Then there was a couple that came here and seemed very hard. The guy was mocking God every time he came out. Then the God he was mocking began to turn his lady’s heart. She came out crying and he was right behind her. They got on the side of the building and a war broke out. He wanted the abortion. He seemed to win the battle and they went back inside.


A short while later they came back outside and you could see the sense of relief on her face. I said “thank God you aren’t going to do this”. He went into a rage and started yelling. “No, we aren’t but it had nothing to do with what you did!” We all laughed and said of course not, we don’t have that kind of power. Only God can do this. He looked up the drive and said “well maybe God does work in mysterious ways”.

I can’t remember their names but Melyna and Delaney met them up the drive. They are keeping their baby and headed back to Tampa, saying they were going to go to a crisis pregnancy center there. God is so amazing. To watch these people go from mockers to thankers through the Gospel is truly something to behold. There was one other but I can’t for the life of me remember.

So thankful to have Peter and Lucas join with us after a late night at the Choices Banquet. So thankful to be able to call the the dearest in this world my brothers and sisters. So thankful to be united with Christ and for what all that means.

I must say though it was with a very heavy heart that I had to say goodbye to Robert. Only get to see him once a year or so. What a godly, sweet brother. Wish my heart was half of what his is. Robert and R.C. truly preach with broken hearts. So thankful for Melyna and her heart as well.

Please continue to pray for those that have left. I tell them about you all and how people around this world pray for them everyday.