As told by John Barros:

Mondays are hard to minister down here because they do very early abortions and people like to think the baby is not a baby yet. Today was beautiful though, and God used the girls to help two young ladies choose life.

One young lady named Cherrie went to Choices. Her husband wanted her to keep the baby but she was very abortion minded. The sonographer was able to get the baby’s heartbeat and they were able to see their baby. After Cherrie saw that and the look on her husband’s face she chose life. It was so beautiful. I am so thankful to Jesus and His handmaidens Jessica, Bonnie, Abigail, and Grace.


Another 22-week pregnant young lady named Heather came by today. I was able to get her in touch with Daria yesterday. She was homeless and saw no hope. She came by today; she has a place to stay and now sees hope. Daria has already been so busy this week. God is so good..